Metallic Thin Film Pressure Sensors(Pressure Transmitters)
TFP12 Series


High Accuracy and High Liability by the combination
of Metal Diaphragm and Metallic Thin Film Gauge.
・Medium and high pressure transmitters with stainless
steel diaphragm.
・Comply with a wide range of pressure media like Oil,
Water, Gas which dose not spoil stainless steel.
・Comply with wide operating temperature range.
・Built-in amplifier.
・Economical, Low cost.


Metallic Thin Film Pressure Sensors TFP12 Series
Metallic Thin Film Pressure Sensors TFP12 Series

External Dimensions and Terminal Arrangement


Metallic Thin Film Pressure Sensors TFP12 Series


Model No. TFP12-□■■■
Pressure Range 0~0.5 MPa 0~1 MPa 0~2 MPa 0~5 MPa 0~10 MPa 0~20 MPa 0~35 MPa
Pressure Type Gauge Pressure
Pressure Medium Non-corrosive gases or liquids compatible with SUS630 or SUS304
Operating Temperature Range -20 °C~80 °C
Maximum Over Load Pressure Rated Pressure X 1.5
Power Source / Rated Output Power Source:Vs=12~24 V DC / Rated Output:1~5 V
Power Source:Vs=5.0 V DC / Rated Output:0.5~4.5 V
Load Resistance More than 10 kΩ
Response Time Less than 3 msec
Total Accuracy Less than ±3 %FS
Linearity *1 Less than ±0.3 %FS Less than ±0.25 %FS
Hysteresis *1 Less than ±0.2 %FS
Temperature Characteristic *1 Less than ±0.03 %FS/°C
Withstand Voltage 100V AC 1 min
Protection Correspondence IP67
Connection R1/4, other specication consult.
Structure Shield Cable Type, other specication consult.
Cable 1,000±50 mm, Specify cable length.
Weight Approx. 100 g
Environmental Performance
Shock Proof 490m/s2 (X, Y, Zdirection)
Vibration Proof 19.6m/s2 (Oscillating Freguency:10~150 Hz, Total Sweep Time:75 min. , Sweep Times :10 times Each X,Y,Z direction)

*1 : Reference Value. It provides for accuracy by "Total Accuracy".

Model Number Configuration

Metallic Thin Film Pressure Sensors TFP12 Series
① Pressure Range [ MPa ] E 0~0.5
G 0~1
J 0~2
L 0~5
N 0~10
Q 0~20
R 0~35
② Power Source 1 5.0 VDC (Ratiometric)
2 12~24 VDC
③ Rated Output 4 0.5~4.5 V (Ratiometric)
6 1~5 V
④ Accuracy 3 Total Accuracy Less than ±3%FS (-20~80 °C)
⑤ Connection 1 R1/4
⑥ Wetted Parts Material *2 2 Diaphragm:HASTELLOY C276, Fitting:SUS316L
6 Diaphragm:SUS630, Fitting:SUS304
⑦ Cable Type 1 Cable Type Length:1 m
F Specify your requirement.
⑧ Additional Spec. 0 Nil
F Specify your requirement.

*2 : "2" is less than pressure range 1 MPa, "6" is more than pressure range 2 MPa.

Specifications of products are subject to change without notice.