Semiconductor Pressure Sensor
SSP Series


The SSP11 series is a small plastic package type.
・Built-in amplification and temperature compensation circuits,
 eliminate the need for circuit design and characteristic adjustment.
・Terminal types are DIP and SMD.
・It can be used for various devices such as general-purpose devices,
 measuring instruments, household devices, and medical devices.


Semiconductor Pressure Sensor SSP Series
Semiconductor Pressure Sensor SSP Series

External Dimensions and Terminal Arrangement


Semiconductor Pressure Sensor SSP Series


Model No. CG102 VG102 PG501 PG102 PG202 PG502 PG103
Terminal Type D(DIP)
S(SMD) No Description
Rated Pressure [ kPa ] ±100 -100 50 100 200 500 1000
Maximum Overload Pressure Rated Pressure X 2 Rated Pressure X 1.5
Pressure Type Gauge
Pressure Medium Non-Corrosive Gases
Operating Temperature Range [ °C ] -20~+85(No Freezing and Condensation)
Compensation Temperature Range [ °C ] 0~+60(No Freezing and Condensation)
Supply Voltage [ V ] 5 ± 0.25
Output Voltage*1,2 [ V ] 0.5 ~ 4.5
Total Accuracy*1,2 [ %FS] ±1.25
Maximum Current Consumption*1 [ mA ] 10

*1 Shows the value when the supply voltage is 5V. The value fluctuates due to fluctuations in voltage, but the error is not included.
*2 The total accuracy is the factory value. Please design so that it can be corrected when the offset voltage deviates.

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